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Help Sponsor a Youth Outreach Athlete

 If you desire to help impact the lives of those we hope to reach, we invite you to partner with us as a sponsor  

Youth Outreach Needs

Athletic Clothing

Athletic Shorts 

Adult Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Adults Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Sweats/ Sweatshirts

Adult Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Nike, Addidas, Ect; Gift Cards to purchase correct shoe size

Hygiene Products


Body Spray (Girls/ Boys)

Hair Brush/ Combs

Tooth Paste/ Toothbrushes

Body wash



What are our youth outreach sponsors up to?


 As part of our Youth Outreach program every youth enrolled receives a ReDirect Athletics T-shirt as well as a pair of Nike workout shoes. We would like to thank our sponsors for making this possible for every child in our program. This amazing gift to our youth makes it possible for them to tackle the obstacles they face in our gym and in life. Thank you Uhart Commercial Real Estate (Robyn Dressi Uhart) Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association, The List Family, Joey Gilbert Law and The Arigoni Family. Our program wouldn’t be possible without you! And thank you Nike Outlet for all of your help! 


Sponsor Guest Speaking

One of our amazing sponsors, Chris Chapman, stopped by the gym during session to tell our youth his amazing story.  Chris talked with our group about the importance of goals and continuing to fight for them and reach them despite to hardships your face in life. Chis is currently a quadriplegic do to a tragic accident he faced nine years ago.  He fights everyday to accomplish his goals and was a true inspiration to our youth.  The group loved sharing their stories with him and getting his advice on how to conquer what they were facing.  Thank you Chris for sharing your story and sponsoring our Youth Outreach Program.  We look forward to you visiting us again soon!


Sponsor Volunteering

We love having our sponsors working in the gym with us!  One of our sponsors, Joey Gilbert, volunteers his time everything Thursday night to work with our Youth Outreach Boxers.  Joey was previously ranked #3 in the world by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and #7 in the world by the World Boxing Council (WBC). Joey was formerly both WBO-NABO and WBC-USNBC Middleweight Champion—2006 & 2007.  We appreciate that Joey is now sharing his love for boxing with our group along side our ReDirect Boxing coach Marcell LaGrone on Thursday nights.